Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Gabrielle Sophia has been writing since the first day she picked up a guitar. In the years since, She has developed a unique blend of folk instrumentation and atmosphere while maintaining a pop sensibility in her writing. Taking influence from the likes of Norah Jones,Hop Along,  Margaret Glaspy, Florence Welch, and The Shins, her songs are delivered with heartfelt intensity and have a direct and emotional impact on the listener.

At age 17 Sophia received the Queen City Awards Youth Artist of the year. Her debut EP “Unhinged Peace” was released in June of 2018 featuring seven well crafted songs aimed at the struggles of life’s complex emotions. She shows a diverse range of musical ideas on this project, from the quiet build and strong payoff of Eggshells to the rock-infused Burning Paint. Moving forward she is guiding her music in new lyrical and sonic directions, looking to mix her folk roots with a chamber pop aesthetic.